Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Classmates

Your class reunion committee for 2003 had a great time planning the reunion. We all agree that the meetings that lead up to it are just as much fun as the actual date!

Those of us on the committee were:

Sherry Blowers Hoem
Vicky Cheney Doyle
Desiree Dones
Linda Grant Keso
Russ Hallsted
Guy Koeneman
Cherie McLean
Debbie Murley Barga
Mickie Myers Hoem
Dee Dee Noerenberg McKinnon
Terry Sharrett Nygard
Dee Wright Campbell

We will let you know when the planning sessions for the 35th reunion will be.
You are invited to be on that committee!

Give us your input! Keep in touch!
If you move or change your email address, let us know!

For now we hope you enjoyed our 30th year reunion at A&W and Hi-Joy Bowl.
Here are some pictures to help us remember who was there and who we talked to!!!

Until we meet again…

Lucky We Made It!

According to today’s regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 70’s ,
probably shouldn’t have survived.

Our baby cribs were covered with bright colored lead-based paint.

We had no childproof lids or locks on medicine bottles, doors
or cabinets, and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets.

Not to mention the risks we took if we hitchhiked…..

As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.
Riding in the back of a pickup truck on a warm day
was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle. Horrors!

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle,
and no one actually died from this.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps
and then rode down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes.
After running into the bushes a few times,
we learned to solve the problem.

We would leave home in the morning and play all day,
as long as we were back when the street lights came on.
No one was able to reach us all day.
No cell phones. Unthinkable!

We did not have Playstations, Nineteno 64 or 128, X-Boxes,
no video games at all (Okay, those who were still kids in the late 70’s
had ATARI and Pong), no 99 channels or more on cable,
video tape movies, surround sound, personal cell phones,
person computers, or Internet chat rooms,

We had friends! We went outside and found them!

We played dodge ball and sometimes, the ball would really hurt.

We fell out of trees, got cut and broke bones and teeth,
and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.
They were accidents. No one was to blame but us.
Remember accidents?

We had fights and pounded each other
and got black and blue and learned to get over it.

We made up games with sticks and tennis balls
and although we were told it would happen,
we did not put out any eyes.

We rode bikes or walked to a friends home and knocked on the door
or rang the bell or just walked in and talked to them

Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team.
Those who didn’t had to learn to deal with disappointment.

Some students weren’t as smart as others,
so they failed a grade and were held back to repeat the same grade.

Tests were not adjusted for any reason.

Our actions were our own. Consequences were expected.

The idea of parents bailing us out if we got in trouble in school
or broke a law was unheard of.

They actually sided with the school or law. Imagine that!

This generation has produced some of the best risk-taker,
problem solvers, and inventors, ever.

We had freedom, failure, success, and responsibility ----
And we learned how to deal with it.

And you’re one of them!


(Contributed by Ken Hovater)

"Back Together Again!"

"Hangin' Out at A&W"

"Hangin' Out at A&W"


Colville, WA 99114

Spouse: John
Children: Victoria Weyer- 20

In 1995 moved to Colville from Port Angeles, bought land and put house, barn, etc. on it. We’ll never do that again! Husband took early retirement, dissolved business and we are now volunteering for Catholic Charities. We do some boating on Lake Roosevelt, ride my horses as often as possible and visit my daughter at college. In the summer, we take visitors up to the local winery in the boat and touring the area.

The reunion is the same weekend as the weekend my sisters, brothers and their kids go camping outside of Grand Coulee on Lake Roosevelt. I can’t miss that much fun!


Palmer, AK 99654

Spouse: Terry
Children: April- 22, Xan- 17

I am still happily married to Terry, an oilfield slope worker. I’m still a Certified Financial Planner. April is going to school for Special Education in Las Vegas. She was just up for a nice visit. Xan will graduate next year from Colony High School. Was just in Port Orchard for the 90 degree weather. SP30 for me! Mason Lake was good. Off backpacking for five days in the Wrangell/St. Ellias mountains tonight. No, it doesn’t get dark here now. Still doing the same stuff: skiing, swimming, hiking, drinking, etc. Life is super!


Children: Beauregard- 7

I am single and now a full time parent to Beau, whom I just received custody after a seven year custody battle. Since ‘93 I have worked on developing proprietary software which helps accurately predict the direction of the World’s equity and currency markets. I founded Beau Trading Corporation in ’96 (naming it after my beloved seven year old son, Beau…and he still thinks I work for him!) I am director only of said corporation and am a paid consultant. Beau Trading Corporation now has revenues in excess of $3.5 million annually and is regarded as one of the top three advisory/trade analyst corporations in the Hedge fund world comprising over 3,000 separate funds. Our return on investment percentage of 68% over the past three years investing in both stocks and currencies; it is in the top ten performing funds advisory in the world. I have a research and IT team who deserve most of the credit.

I am scheduled to speak at three major international conferences in the next six months overseas as guest speaker and have been invited to be one of the keynote speakers at the Las Vegas Trading Expo including being a guest panelist on the “Money Show” at that time.

I just finished raising $1 million in three years for Pediatric Aides research and development in Africa through the private organization ‘Empower Africa’. A television documentary depicting the Aids crisis in Africa was just aired on PBS affiliated station where I was not only the Lad Cameraman but Executive Producer as well. It aired in Europe including the Vatican City TV channel in Rome, Italy. A month in Southern and Eastern Africa was definitely worth it but nor fun by any means.


Port Orchard, WA 98366

Been a mechanic for several years and retailer for three automotive dealerships. Been divorced twice; once in ’81 and in ’97. Been through bankruptcy thanks to my second wife, major debt and credit cards. Also I was diagnosed with M.S. in ’93 and am on S.S. Disability.


Port Orchard, WA 98366

Spouse: Tom
Children: Christopher- 19, Daniel- 17


Port Orchard, WA 9366

Children: Adam- 26, Arin- 23

Same job: Hi Joy Bowl


Renton, WA 98059

Spouse: Joe
Children: Christopher- 27, Jennifer- 23

Pretty much the same as five years ago – although our daughter graduated from Pepperdine and we did get to visit her in Florence, Italy, during her studies abroad – she also spent a semester in Argentina. I’m still managing the Retail Accounting/Payroll department at Associated Grocers, Inc. (twenty-six years) and Joe still runs his own machining company in Renton. We do have quite a few French friends, so we’re staying fluent in French. Thank you, Madame Friswold! In fact we have a twenty year old young man from France spending the summer with us (son of a high school friend of Joe’s)


Allyn, WA 98524

Things are pretty much the same! Thirty years - it is hard to believe! Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Hagerstown, MD 21742

Spouse: Sherri
Children: Nicolas- 9, Lindsey- 6

The past five years have seen some changes for the family. We moved from sunny Southern California to Florida, just outside Miami. This lasted for about a year before the economy changed the job picture. The aviation parts industry gave out and the automotive parts industry as back in. The job moved us to Western Maryland for the other Big Blue, GM. Our small 2.2 million square foot facility s actually located in Martinsburg, WV. All of us have had some great experiences over the past year. The biggest has been WINTER! Both Nicolas and Lindsey are doing great in school and soccer and love everything they get involved in. Right now Sheri and I are updating/remodeling our 1977 built home. We should be finished by the end of the summer. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can, especially those I have not seen since 1973. I will see you there!


Port Orchard, WA 98367

Children: Elliot- 29, Gab- 26
I married Jack on August 30th in ’97. I am currently working at Town and Country Market on Bainbridge Island. And a few words to share…

As we grow older
We learn a lot but
Sometimes we want to stay young.
We grow, have children, and must move on
Sometimes we get sick, lose our parents,
But we must move on.
We never forget our friend
Sometimes the most comforting things we have…
…are our memories.


Port Orchard, WA 98367

Spouse: Seenie
Children: Tim Grubb- 41, Troy Grubb- 38, Tawnie Pierpont- 32, Josh Grubb- 26, Chrissie Shyley- 26, Tony Brown- 24

Grandchildren: PJ Pierpont- 12, Ty Pierpont- 11, JD Pierpont- 3, Spencer Grubb- 1 ½, Carlos Ahumada- 26, Miguel Ahumada- 25, Roxanne Ramilard- 12, Seena Grubb- 5, Zachary Grubb- , and one more due in July
Foster Grandchildren: Tracey Barrlett- 19, Ivy Rose- 18
Great Grandchildren: Amanda Ahumada- 12, Emmanuel Ahumada- 6, Hannah Ahumada- 5, Sereena Ahumada- 3, Miguel Ahumada Jr.- 1 ½, and one more due in December!

Married Barb Lane ,1973. Joined Air Force, 1973. Discharged Air Force, 1978. Entered PSNS Apprenticeship, 179. Graduated Apprenticeship (Sheet Metal Mechanic) 1983. Divorced, July 1985. Went through Drug/Alcohol Rehab, March 1985. Came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, October 1985. Married Seenie Grubb, August 1986. Active in my church with Awana’s, church golf league, Christmas theatre. Blessed with six children, nine grandchildren (one more on the way!), two foster grandchildren, five great grandchildren and two on the way! Acquired thirty years Civil Service in June of this year. Living and Loving the Lord, waiting for retirement!


Renton, WA 98058

Spouse: Dan
Children: Man, I forgot to have kids!!! J
Grandchildren: Do I look like a grandma??? (he he)

Married Mark Black (high school sweetheart) at nineteen. Worked in bands running sound throughout the ‘70’s in Seattle. Divorced Mark in ’84. Moved to Los Angeles and worked for a record company (Polygram) for the next decade. During my stay in LA, married a man named Jerry Smith, divorced (again!) in ’98 and moved back to Seattle. Oh did I mention that while in LA, I changed my name to Kaley? J After returning to Seattle I met Dan Grogan, my current and LAST husband! I now work for IBM in Seattle as a Resource Coordinator for all of IBM’s accounts in the NW.


Midlothian, TX 76065

Unfortunately my life hasn’t changed much! Still Administrator for downtown Dallas law firm, working long hours, stretched too thin. Still own a house and four acres about thirty miles south of Dallas. No big exciting trips. Just tripping along, getting older by the second. I hope everyone has fun. I really planned to come but things got away from me. I was excited to see people. I was even going to call some old acquaintances and see if we could hook up. If anyone comes this way, have them call me and I can be their tour guide. Oh course, I would have to get out the old yearbook so I would remember them!!

"Saturday Night"


Bremerton, WA 98312

Spouse: Michael
Children: Jeffrey- 17

For the last four yeas, I have been working at Fred Meyer in Bremerton and Port Orchard as the Wine Specialist. I am also the back-up Food Receiver.

I really enjoy my job as I am able to sample a lot of wines and I have the opportunity to meet a lot of wine makers and winery owners. I just returned from ‘Oregon Pinot Camp’ in the Willamette Valley as I was selected from 350 people throughout the Unites States to participate. I have also been volunteering for the Washington Wine Commission for ‘Taste Washington’ in Seattle for the last three years.

I have been married for twenty-three years and have one son, Jeff, who is seventeen now. I vacation in New York this year as my brother lives in Times Square. My husband still owns “Indigo Hair Salon & Simple Nails” in Chico. I still play golf and volunteer at the Kitsap Golf and County Club when I have the time.


Poulsbo, WA 98370

Spouse: Richard
Children: Andrea- 16, Nathan- 7

I lived in the Seattle and Bellingham and now Poulsbo. Worked twenty years as a Level A Pharmacy Tech and in ’96 became a Pastry Chef. Was married for twelve years with no kids. We divorced and I remarried in ’96 and have a son and stepdaughter. I’m currently a stay at home Mom and loving it.


Snohomish, WA 98290

Children: Chris- 19, Arin- 16

My son, Chris, is now nineteen and attending Eastern Washington University in their Honors Program. He holds two executive positions in the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and will be a sophomore this coming year. My daughter, Arin, is sixteen and currently attends Snohomish High School and will be a junior next fall. She is involved in acting/singing and DECA. Both are wonderful and I have been very fortunate. I have been single since ’94 and am currently the Operation Manager for Aurora Engineering, which is based out of the Snohomish area. My hobbies include ride riding; water and snow skiing and I’m an avid sports fan, so tend to take in the Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics and local high school games whenever possible.


Winnipeg MB Canada

Spouse: Mark

1975 ATA – Olympic College, Medical Assistant. 1977 BA- Central Washington University, Clothing and Textiles, Administrative Management. One year Dental Lab Technician, Seattle Central. Employed by the Federal Government in HR capacity for twenty-two years. Worked for General Services Administration; the Forest Service ad Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary in June. Lived in the Seattle area until 2000. Boeing transferred Mark to Dallas for two years and then to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where we currently reside.

Enjoy interior decorating, sewing, gardening, dining out, movies and travel. Recently joined a health club and workout five or six times per week.


Port Orchard, WA 98367

Spouse: Linda (Patty) Terry
Children: Che’rie, Gary Wayne II, Kristie
Grandchildren: Ashley- 8, Tyler- 7, Taylor- 6

I am now retired from the US Army (twenty-two years), now working for the US Navy as an IT Technician. We have three grown children. Che’rie is in the US Air Force and now assigned closer to home; she was a ’93 graduate from SKHS. Our son, Gary, lives and works in Bremerton. Our youngest, Kristie, just graduated from SKHS in 2002. we enjoy riding our motorcycles and cruising in our Corvette; meeting new and excitng people in the Corvette Club of Seattle.


Port Orchard, WA 98367

Spouse: Mike
Children: Michael- 26, Melinda- 24, Mandy- 23, Andrew- 18, Erin- 10, Allyana- 3
Grandchildren: Ashley- 6

For twenty-five years, I lived in many places all across the United States and in Germany. I loved every place we lived but finally, I was able to move back to Port Orchard. There’s no place like home! I have loved (…most of the time!) being a stay-at-home mom and raising my children. We have found joy and fulfillment in doing foster care and in working in our church and community.


Port Orchard, WA 98366

Children: James Norton- 27

I moved back to WA five years ago from Las Vegas. I’m the Washington/Idaho Operations Director for a medical records imaging company. I travel a lot between the states. I bought my house in Port orchard in December and have been busy remodeling and working in the yard. My friend say I have HGTV compulsive disorder in regards to working around the house. My son graduated from the UW and lives and works in Seattle. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and have enjoyed working on the reunion committee.


Gloucester, VA 23061

Spouse: Michael
Children: Catherina (Katie)- 18

Since the 10th reunion, I have gotten out of the Army and medically retired. I nearly broke my back being thrown off the back of the communications van fighting to close the door with wind and rain blowing terribly. I have good days and bad but fight to stay out of the wheel chair. So far, so good. I refused immediate surgery and stayed in until after my daughter was born. Catherina is now 18; graduated Alpha Omega Academy with 3.85 GPA; was honored by achieving the National Honor Roll; and was listed in : “Who’s Who of America High School Students” both Junior and Senior years. I brag because we did this together home schooling her since the end of third grade and I feel that I learned as much as she did. We spent most of our time living in Virginia with a two year break in California from October ’98 to October 2000. We returned to Virginia and bought “the farm”, still yet to be given a real name. We board horses including one of own; a purebred Arabian belonging to my daughter. We presently have seven horses boarding but the numbers go up and down on a regular basis during our show seasons. Our family fought cancer in our daughter for five years and has celebrated her survival ever since. My husband owns his own eighteen wheeler and spends most of the time on the road as a long haul truck driver. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, June 15th. Both Kathie and I plan on going to college. She wants to be a geologist and I just want to finish my junior and senior year for a bachelor degree in Business or Education. I have to declare my major at this time. We’ll see if I finally have my degree at the next reunion. B the way, so far, I have a 4.0 GPA and hope to continue on to graduate top in whatever field I choose.

I won’t be able to attend the reunion, after all. Business suddenly picked up and my house sitter moved out of state! So, I hope that everyone has a great time and I also hope I won’t be so hard to find next time. I don’t plan on moving again, unless we tear this house down and build a bigger one. We’re not getting any younger but hopefully we are getting wiser!


Bremerton, WA 98312

Spouse: Karen
Children: Nathan- 25, Melissa- 24

I am retired from the government four years ago, got my pilot’s license and bought an airplane. I fly and am building an airplane. I do computer work and build climbing walls for elementary schools to keep busy. I work around the home remodeling and landscaping. Will be traveling to Japan in the Fall to see our son who’s teaching English there.